Saturday, April 08, 2006


Amy Carmichael once wrote that God was asking her new questions: "May I deal with every shred of your reputation just I choose, and will you be silent? Are you willing to obey in everything, every time, everywhere?" This same question He asks of me. My reputation, it is a thing I hold precious. Most people admire me and like me, if only from a distance. I am not known as a flirt or chaser of boys. These things I hold as part of my identity. But my identity should not sway with public opinion or even my family's opionion. I know that there are doubts on their part and a few others about whether I am completely sane or wise. Perhaps I should not trust the omnipotent Most High God as much as I do? Is the Lord's arm too short? (Numbers 11)

I loved the great encouragement I received from a friend when the issue of my future safety came up. He said, "There is nowhere saver than in the center of God's will." He was right. I am safer in God's will in "dangerous" country than out of God's will in a "safe" one. "What matter the beating wind and tossing billow if only we are in the boat with Thee?" I will not let the words of doubt defeat me, nor will I lose heart. My God is my rock and my strong foundation. All that matters is how He knows me.

January 2006


Nunzia said...

I tried to post on almost this exact thing last week (before i deleted it today, realizing what a vain attempt it was). I'm glad you realize God's role in your life so much.. it's very clear from what you've written. God bless :)

thebeloved said...

Most of my posts are my vain attempts to expound upon what is really running around in my head. :) God's role is the front and center...I don't even comprehend how people can live any other way without becoming dreadfully depressed... who knows, maybe they are. Thanks for your comment and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I liked your friend's comment that you are safer in God's will. It's true I think. It doesn't mean license to be foolhardy, but it does mean that maybe the ultimate point isn't locking yourself away to preserve your physical life forever at all possible risks and losses to experience. If you haven't read it, you might enjoy Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place -- what your friend says sounds like that book.