Saturday, November 29, 2008


This Thanksgiving Day I went to school in the morning and taught as usual. I'm not in America so it wasn't a holiday. I came home to struggle with my propane tank which, after an hour of annoyance, I gave up. So I sat on my living room floor and ate leftover cold chili. I sat there and thought of the irony of being there in front of my kerosene heater mostly alone... Katie was in the house, but alseep. But at the same time as I began to feel a bit sorry for myself, I realized how silly it was. Not only was I scheduled to go to three thanksgiving meals over the weekend (Friday and Saturday), but in my bowl of chili I had more good food than many of the pilgrims had. And I have never been without. So, Praise God for his provision.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I is funny how we can get attached to places... even places that are not what we would have chosen or what we like. The family downstairs had to leave last week because of some medical issues (pray for them!) and most likely we're looking at packing it up and moving and selling. And while the house is a bit awkward, they and I have built memories here and know how things work. I understand the water and electricity, for example. That is no small task here sometimes. You know which faucet is hot and cold (backwards in our shower), and which one actually works--only the right hand faucet handle works in our kitchen. I can walk through my house safely in the dark. I'm a person that likes to be pretty settled; I'm working at learning how to handle change. Yet again, God takes my weakness and leads me through, teaching me to rest on his strength.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We have too much fun...

Jumping Cave 2, originally uploaded by thebeloved.

Okay... so we work hard a lot... and then to retain sanity we do silly things out hiking and in caves. Isn't this neat?!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lost Cause

Man watering grass by hose, originally uploaded by thebeloved.
We saw this man watering the grass in the park... with a hose. He wasn't making much progress, as you can tell by the color of the grass.