Friday, January 16, 2009

Car Trouble

We've had adventures with our car lately. It's been functioning fine, just the weather and traffic have been funky. 

Just yesterday morning we had 5 near misses in the traffic on the way to school. This becomes only more surprising when you discover that our house is only three or four blocks away from the school building. Later that day after several more crazy situations where God spared us, we saw a rather nasty car accident in an intersection. I'm just glad that day was unusual. 

A few days before that it snowed. It was lovely, but pretty wet. It froze overnight and our windshield was covered with snowy ice. In the morning as we prepared to leave for school we dug all over in stuff trying to find something that would work to scrape the windshield. Too thick for a plastic business card, the CD case was getting scratched, finally we happened across a large blue plastic funnel. The top part of the funnel worked great at scraping the ice off... well... pretty good at least. I've never seen a windshield scraper here, but we need one so rarely. 

Hope everyone else is driving safe!