Monday, January 16, 2006


I have gotten several comments on my posting having to do with anticipation, specifically the anticipation of heaven or Christ's return. I know so many (including myself at different phases in my life) who ask God not to return until they have done this or that or experienced this or that. Or that alternative is, "God, don't let me die until...." you fill in the blank. I am not trying to say that having desires for life is a bad thing. I think we all should (and I do) look forward to things in life like a marriage or children. I am looking forward to having my first kiss someday. These are God-given gifts and should be treated as such. The point I have is that these gifts pale in comparison to glory and beauty we get to experience in heaven, if we have sought Him and found Him. For we must "believe he exists and rewards those who earnestly seek him." One part of our reward is heaven. People's lack of excitement over heaven (which is coming soon by either individual death or Christ's return) I think comes from a general lack of understanding the awesome greatness that is God, even here and now. I love one of Keith Green's songs which talks about creation and heaven. He says that he doesn't know whether the Creation took 6 days or longer, but in that period called "6 days" God created the earth and galaxies and everything. But God has and continues to prepare a place for us in heaven and he has been working on that for at least 2000 years. Cool huh?

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