Monday, January 09, 2006

Moving, School, Reminiscence

It has been several days since I posted last. I guess I have just been really busy. I moved into a new apartment. I went to two weddings. I am getting ready for school to start in a couple of days. Overall, it is an exciting and changing time.
I am sitting in a little room on campus. It has large arm-chairs, tables, and a piano. I was looking through a little notebook I have to see if there were any random thoughts that I could build on to make a post. I found the very first pages in the little book were written on my very first day of college three and a half years ago. The funny thing is that I was sitting in this very same room and waiting nervously for my first class. I was so excited that I hardly knew what to do with myself. Alot has changed since then. As I prepare in a couple of days to begin my last semester here, I am filled with a different sort of anticipation. This is the excited anticipation of something coming soon. In some ways it is the same anticipation one has when waiting for a friend to return after a long absence. The soonness makes all the difference.
Sometimes I wonder why, although I know that Christ is returning soon and I look forward to it, I don't have that same enthusiasm always for it or that feeling of soonness in anticipation.


Bonita said...

Anticipation is a mixed bag - all kinds of feelings there. My daughter (26) is moving to Washington DC in a month, to begin a new life, with new friends, a new home, and a new job...she's just jumping. It is a leap of Faith, with every step. Her blog is on my sidebar, 'Ruhiyyih's Reflections', if you are interested. She's experiencing feelings like yours - and I wish both of you the very best.

mreddie said...

That is an interesting thought/question there at the end and somewhat similar thoughts have crossed my mind.

It seems to me that most all of the things that we anticipate are (or are comparable to) things that we have experienced before and Christ's return really can't be compared to any other experience, because it hasn't happened yet.

Good thoughts, thanks. ec

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog while I was just brousing around the net. You are such a refreshing breath of air in this world we are living in. It thrills my heart and soul to see a young person that loves the Lord and even at this young age, look forward to his return.
I am not so young and I look forward to his return also, but I will confess that when I was your age I was ready for the Lord's return, but thought that I wanted Him to wait a while longer so I could experience more of life. God bless you, you are a blessing to me with your thoughts that you pen.

adannells said...

I am excited for you in your finishing college. Just keep on seeking the Lord in all things and He will guide you. I hope you have a great last semester. My friend Elizabeth lives in Moscow, Idaho and this is her last semester also. Even though we can't imagine it now, Christ's return will most definitely be the best experience. I am sure there is nothing to compare to it. Although a lot of times I think, "Please just wait to come back until I have a baby!" My mom said that when she was in high school she would pray that the Lord wouldn't come back until she had her first kiss. And then she prayed He wouldn't come until after her wedding. And then she prayed He wouldn't come until after she had kids. And now that she has experienced all that she says she is totally ready now! :)

thebeloved said...

adannells--hmm... I know so many girls who have been like that. One of my roommates asked me once, "Don't you at least want to get married first?!" And to be honest, yeah, I want to get married, I want to have my first kiss, but I don't want those things more that seeing God in heaven.