Thursday, January 12, 2006

Magnet Refrigerator Poetry

hot moist nights
haunting laughs free
seeping and dying dancing
in the misty summer
perfumed wind dreaming
of velvet purple liquid diamonds
the delicate symphonies
of smooth pools
and a blazey shining
stream of green ocean
cold flowers flooding
breathing translucent joy
surrounded with hearty love
an elaborate red morning
brilliant sprays of champagne love
garden honey sleeping smile
springing from the sun and sky
a forest breeze wetly fresh
music in sweet shadows
delicious light like a deep star
marble goddesses of the universe
pink petals of roses fly
soaring gorgeously
poetry language like good rain
carmel candy and melon chocolate
the peace after a fractic time
smell a tiny grass road
discover one dreamy thing
explore wild open life
embrace dark rhythms
of delirious eternity
luscious juices and cake
an enormous clean moon
languid like an angel's beauty
baby born in bare skin to a mother
perfect and gorgeously small
picture of a gifted yesterday
a presentation kissing spring
perhaps every tender desire
makes a smell of colorful blooming
remembering together sweet smiles
green song and love flower gardens
visionly deep warm music
true secrets playing a fiddle
where peaceful cloud and water
full cool and fevered wild
will through a blind brokenness
melt the scream of fear
when night throb darkness
bellows like red fire
and swimming eyes look on fright.


Anonymous said...

I recognize some of the new (genius) words, but is that really on my fridge? I guess I haven't read it recently. Maybe you'll have to move some words to your own refrigerator. I also think that an actual picture of the poem or the whole fridge would be humorous to people who don't understand the extent of our magnetic poetry collection.

See you soon. Love, kisses, and prayers. Mom.

mreddie said...

A few of those places and events are in my past, the rest I glimpsed through your words.

thebeloved said...

Mom--actually, that poem is no longer on our fridge, it was finally cannibalized for other works. And it doesn't include any of the words from the "genius" set because we didn't have that until a couple of weeks ago. I should take a picture of it, maybe this weekend.
Mr.Eddie--Some of them are only what I have seen other's experience...

Nic said...

Wow, you should read some of the stuff on my fridge. but then again, I've got the redneck set...