Friday, January 27, 2006


There hangs a tension in the air
And questions without answers
I see it all begin to fall
And marble lions crying
But then there's dancing by the moon
And singing in the starlight
A paradox is made complete
But only adds confusion.
The higher air, gentility
Is lost in simple joking
The gaeity and happieness
Have fluttered with the Empty
Zampano, and I wish you knew
The strings you have unraveled
How easily we stoop lower
And what was good has left us
The festival of nights is gone
And has been taken over all
By painted dreams of conceit
The wine of pride has poisoned all
and we have no resilience
It clouds the brains and heearts of them
The ones ethereal see
But doing is another matter
Time has come
To run and pray
Only looking
Back to say
It was fun while it lasted.


mreddie said...

There are so many seasons of life and one can miss the joy of one season if they are looking back so hard at the past or ahead at the future.

The joy of the Lord is in all seasons, it's just as one gets older, the delights and elations do not fly around quite so recklessly and collide with so many other things.

Things that may be great also but a fast paced speed of life misses the depth thereof. If anyone, old or young is in too much of a hurry, they may pass by much more than they catch up to. ec

thebeloved said...

Yes, I have learned if only in part that the time now can be so easily lost if we spend our thoughts elsewhere.