Saturday, January 28, 2006

My feet are dry and dirty
My heart weighs down like lead
For tonight we have a'wandered
And our weary feet have tread
Upon the sidewalks many
And fields of grassy green
A symbol of the journey
Of where we've gone and been
And at the end we parted
As ever now we will
Our paths have now all started
To leave to find and fill
The company is broken
To be mended never now
Save in reminiscing
Of these when times allow


mreddie said...

As I read I was touched with the thought that no matter where we go, we are never beyond the reach of God's love. No matter how tired or how long we are gone, He will be at the end to welcome us - if we so desire. So much more and better than a memory but an ever present help in time of need. ec

thebeloved said...

One of my favorite verses is about how no matter where we go--even to the far side of the sea--God is with us.