Monday, January 30, 2006


I recently found out that I am going to get to go to Nashville for an Open House for a position with a group that teaches overseas. It is the most amazing opportunity and I am so excited! God has done miracles with these coincidences so that it will cost me almost nothing to go for the interview. I had expected a lot more steps, a lot more doors that could be closed, and a lot slower progress. But skip steps two and three, go directly to step four! In some ways it is a little scary. But honestly I am more scared about the interviews than the actual job itself. I am really excited for these post graduation possibilities. I just have to be careful not to get my heart set on it before it is absolutely clear that that is is where I am supposed to go.


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting. Challenging thing, that. Namely, not getting the hopes up too high before being disappointed. If you master the balancing of it, let me know. Red Stone

mreddie said...

Wow, sounds a bit like a door opening to me - now comes the determination if this is the right one, but God can help with that.

We are leaving to go to Tennessee tomorrow and Wednesday I will be escorting my daughter to Nashville for surgery on her shoulder - hopefully a minor one. The wife and I will be staying with her for child care opportunities :) for a while. ec

thebeloved said...

Red Stone--yeah, thanks. Trying to balance healthy hope with protective contentment is a challenge.

MrEddie--Have a safe trip and I hope your daughter's shoulder heals well. May the doctor's be skilled beyond their own understanding.