Monday, January 23, 2006

My Muse

My muse is full of sadness and of grief

My lonely company and some releif.

For only visiting in ruth she comes

And beats her verses as sounding drums.


Bonita said...

I wonder how many poems are written in our need for peace and resolution in times of grief. The human condition is so vulnerable. I like your verses here.

thebeloved said...

I find that I feel most poetic when I am sad... it is a little strange.

Bonita said...

I have written my best poetry when I am melancholy - it is odd, that some of our finest work comes out of lonliness or vulnerability. You are the first person I've known who admits this, too.

thebeloved said...

Yep, I admit it. The melancholy mood brings it out. I think this is common because I have read more sad poetry than happy poetry.

Nic said...

The three biggest inspirations in poetry are love, anger, and sadness.
Poems of love have the potential to be sappy, therefore worthless to all but the author. Angery poetry comes acrosss as spiteful, and bitter, at best a fool's rant.
The most captivating and inspiring prose is born of sadness. In greif we find hope.
Reality is, no one wants to write when they're in a good mood. We'd rather go out and do something.

mreddie said...

The small amount of poem writing I do comes when I am feeling very silly - of course that is most of the time. ec

thebeloved said...

I think that silly poetry is some of the best to read if you are in a melancholy mood. Thanks! I do appreciate the silly ones.