Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Barbed Wire

After reading a post over at Scribing the Journey I was inspired to think more about the barbed wire I see. I think people expect that I see a lot of barbed wire. And, well, I do. But after 5 years, I've kind of stopped noticing it. So, I decided to look at it a little closer. I wasn't inspired. It's swirly sometimes, rusty often, and if God was speaking to me through it, I didn't hear.

See? Barbed wire.

But that thought led me to something else. My fifth graders have been asking me a lot of questions about how God talks to me and how I know what He wants me to do. And they want to know if He will speak to them if they ask Him to. My answer is always that God will reveal himself, but most likely not in the way you expect Him to. So look in the unexpected places and keep your eyes open all the time. All of creation is God's spoken word to us.

So wait, does that mean that God is speaking to me through the barbed wire after all?

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