Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Grand Attempt

As I have been sitting here in my very favorite coffee shop, I have been distracted by many things as I try not to try not to write my very large paper that is due tomorrow. These are just a few of my distractions:

1. The idea that just as people leave their legal cares in the hands of their lawyers and stop worrying about them (making the legal advisor the one who worries) we ought to "cast our cares upon the Lord."

2. The idea that when God tells us that he will take care of all of our clothing needs, it means he will provide the clothing for wherever he calls us, not just our own cultural needs.

3. The joy of children's giggles.

4. The smell of permanent black marker wafting from the upstairs where there are many boxes of books on their way to being shipped.

5. This blog.

6. The meeting that I have at 6:00... or is it at 6:30?

7. The other meeting at 8:00.

8. The other paper which I have to print off.

9. All the sources I used for this paper that I am avoiding and for which I must write a bibliography.

10. The neat books all over the walls in here.

In fact, the more I think about what I have been distracted by, the more I am distracted and the more I think about other things that I could be distracted by. Scary!


mreddie said...

I am also among the easily distracted - just an odd thought passing through the brain is usually good for about 10 mins at times. Good to know I'm not the only one. :) ec

thebeloved said...

It certainly makes life interesting, eh?