Friday, May 19, 2006

Rosalind Goforth

I have been reading a book called "How I Know... God answers Prayer" by Rosalind Goforth a missionary to China in the 1900's. She tells story after story of how God saved them out of terrible things when they prayed. But one thing that struck her also struck me. She was speaking how her family was one of the families that was saved out of the Boxer Rebellion where they were killing all foreigners and certainly all Christians. She said this:

"Then too after all is said, we must believe God was glorified and God's purposes were fulfilled in the death of some as in the saved lives of others."

This struck me more and more as she casually mentioned in other stories the fact that at least four of her children had died while they were out on the mission field and yet God continued to draw them forth. I know that I sometimes struggle giving all to God and yet, I have never had to surrender my children; I have never had children. How much I respect this woman of faith. It is a faith I hope I have should I ever be put in a position where it is tested.


Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

...and yet you put yourself in just a position that not only might your faith be tested thus, but mine as well.

thebeloved said...


Corry said...

Hi Colleen,
Thanks so much for your visit and your comment:-)

Should you ever get in a position where your faith is tested, then God will give you all you need to get through it and you will come out stronger, in character and in faith as well:-)

Have a blessed weekend, girl:-)

God's Grace.

mreddie said...

Your last sentence is one to which I can relate and totally agree with - but I know that God's strength will always be there when it is needed. ec

Jen said...

The quote reminds me of that discussion we started and never finished, about the cosmos being a giant chess game between God and Satan. It speaks to the question of "does God really sacrifice people?" a question which, aside from One certain example, I'm still unsure how to answer.

thebeloved said...

I think I have come to the conclusion that he does sacrifice people. But only his people, I think.

Matthew N. Petersen said...

Aren't we told to put on Christ? And aren't we told to take up our cross and follow Him? I don't know if I would call that sacrificing like I may sacrifice a pawn to win his queen. But the numerous psalms about always pretecting us refer to Christ, so he always protected Christ, and we can expect him to always protect us by giving us the cross.

thebeloved said...

matt--I don't know if you are making much sense to me. But what I am saying is that our earthly lives may be sacrificed. It is a truth that some people die in His service. We take up the cross daily and it itself is a sign of death. Die to live. In that way it isn't necessarily a small loss for a great gain. To live is Christ, to die is gain. But our earthly life is lost to those around us on earth.

audrey` said...

Hi Colleen
Jesus will always be with us, guiding us and strengthening us.
In God we trust :)

Matthew N. Petersen said...

I think I was trying to summarize I John 3:16. Just as Christ laid down his life, so we are called to lay down ours. Thus we (or at least or physical lives) can be sacrificed.

Contrary to that the Psalms promise that God is out shield. But this applies to Christ also. God had promised to protect Him. But this was not answered how we would expect it to, but by the resurrection. Likewise the shild we are protected with is the cross and the resurrection, both Christ's and ours.

I think I was agreeing with you, but saying it in a more theological way.