Monday, February 27, 2012

Dishing it Up

This weekend my roommate and I took the time to get some much needed (and some not so needed) shopping done. For one, we bought a vacuum. It's beautiful and yellow and has a rotating brush to get up all of our long hair. It also is a good brand so we won't have to go shopping for another one for a very long time. In the Middle East, there are lots of knock off brands and things that come from who knows where. These can look legit but they die in a week and the shop owners will certainly not take it back. So it pays to be careful.

While the yellow vacuum cleaner is awesome and colorful, there were some other things that brought even more color and fun into our house.
At the bazaar we went through the second-hand fabric shops and found several new tablecloths. All are bright and cheerful and each one cost about a dollar. Yay for second hand!

Then we visited a pottery and dish store that we've been hearing about for months. Some of our dishes are chipped or cracked and I broke yet another bowl the other day. And so we decided to add to our collection and brighten them up some too. They are all so pretty!  

 I also have a list of things I am thankful for from this past week. 
559. Team dinner on a Wednesday
560. F's hugs
561. N and D thanking me for their Bibles
562. E-mails of encouragement in the dark times
563. New dishes in bright colors
564. Yellow vacuum cleaner
565. Bright tablecloths
566. The super helpful man at the Bosch store
567. Birthday flowers still growing weeks later.
568. The Litany of Humility
569. Planting my seeds
570. Bulbs sprouting in pots
571. Chasing the propane truck... it's good exercise especially if you don't manage to catch it
572. The Beatitudes
573. A new (surprise!)brother in Christ--how great is our God!
574. Knee Deep by the Zac Brown Band and my sister for playing it as her wake up alarm over Christmas--now it just makes me happy!
575. Trips to the bazaar with friends
576. Nacho Libre and nachos night with friends
577. Sunshine flooding in through lace curtains
578. K and Y saying that when they grow up they want to come back and teach at the school
579. Encouraging e-mails and friends praying for me


Miriam Forster said...

Oh man, I am so loving your new dishes. The textures are gorgeous!

PS. It snowed again this week and it's freezing. Fortunately, I have ALL THESE WARM SCARVES to wear.... :)

thebeloved said...

Thanks for liking the dishes. You'd admire them even more if you'd seen all the ugly things we pawed through to find these!

I'm glad you are staying warm. I need to go on a shopping trip for your sister here soon. I have some days off next week. =D