Monday, February 20, 2012

My Heart for You...

I gave my students a task.

I hoped that this task would grow their hearts on Valentines day.

We talked about what it means to be thankful and how we can be thankful for so many things, even the hard things.

So, each one wrote lists. And these lists were more than being thankful for the ones they loved, but also thankful for the details they loved.

And we wrote and cut and taped and created a masterpiece in the hallway. The students were excited to share their new found joy and love with the rest of the school. 

 And I told them that this is my heart for you all...
that you would be thankful for what you have been given.

What is your heart for the people you love?

539. Rusty pictures
540. Our red heater
541. My leather purse
542. The school bag my mother and sister made for me
543. A sweet birthday note from my father
545. Little L's typed birthday note that called me sweet teacher
546. Hundreds of Valentine pictures
547. Grains and eating them
548. Time to exercise in the morning
549. Prayer room
550. New fabric for a traditional dress
551. Fresh strawberries
552. Deep heart hurting talks
553. Abandonment and being ignored
554. Glued things--shoe, bracelet, travel mug
555. How broken things remind me of the war
556. Contrite spirits in my students
557. Snow falling in big fluffy flakes

558. Thankful kids


Cara @ Whimsy Smitten said...

Heart-shaped gifts and God-shaped hearts. Thanks for sharing, new friend.

Bobbi Jo Dahlin said...

Reading your blog post and latest email update, and praying for you today. It was lovely, as always, to see pictoral evidence of your efforts in these children's lives. I'm grateful for your hand in this world and confident of the blessings you are storing up.

I noticed that in your list of gratitude you mention 'Abandonment and being ignored.' I am amazed that this is something you are thanking God for. And I know, I know, we are to be thankful for all things, and give thanks especially when we fall into various trials, but this? Wow.

thebeloved said...

@Cara--Thanks for visiting!

@Bobbi Jo--Thanks for praying. It's been a good/hard few weeks. God pulls back the curtains and I get to see so much! But getting there is sometimes a hard way.