Saturday, July 30, 2011

My God Loves Me!

I know it comes as no surprise. I am not surprised at the statement itself. God has done more than enough to prove his love. But I am surprised at how he continues to do so again and again.

Several days ago I posted on my wonderings about making the right choices about money and things. The spark for those thoughts was a series of internal debates about whether or not I should shell out the cash a massage. I decided that it wasn't a wise use for my money.

I thought about it again when I entered the U.S. Decided I would look into it. And... low and behold, a friend had a gift certificate for a massage that he wasn't going to use. He gave it to me!

God provided a free massage for me. Pieces were set up for this months in advance. God was taking care of me and desires I had even before I knew I wanted them.

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Kea said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Our Father is so gracious and caring in His provision for us. :)