Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've been reading through the verses on prayer lately as I study them in another language to therefore learn to pray in that language. I've also been reading and praying through the prayers in a book called "The Valley of Vision".

In all this, I've begun to wonder if I even know how to pray in my own language. There is so much lacking in my faith in my walk with God. I realize how there are parts of prayer I have consciously or unconsciously avoided because they made me uncomfortable or unsure. I would think, "How am I to pray like that?!"

But then I see it for what it is. How can I think that a God who has proved faithful over and over again, who has held up my life in every way, who blesses and overflows me with blessing again and again, who has done all this, how can I think that he will not continue to remain faithful to his word? How can he not keep his promises and do all and more than he has said?

I am a foolish woman.

I pray that I may learn to pray.

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