Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I really like Istanbul. I've been there enough that I feel comfortable getting around and I enjoy all there is to see.

There is one major drawback to Istanbul though. As a young blond woman I gather far more attention than I would like (which would ideally be almost none!). In fact, I thought my TV spy shows had gotten me a little paranoid on this last trip over because at one point I thought someone might be following me. I paid some extra attention and kept an eye out only to find out that I was being followed! Hmmm... maybe I need more spy shows.

Anyway, here are few pics from my last trip through there.

337. Gift Certificates for things I really want coming out of the blue (or really heaven, hehe)
338. Friends who come over spontaneously
339. Farmer's market
340. Fresh cut grass
341. My mother's surgery going well
342. Learning a new way God has used me
343. I get to see my sister today
344. Family sounds
345. Running Water


My Artful Heart said...

Really neat picture of that Instanbul market. I really love the many different markets that are avaiable to us here with all of interesting stuff!

Visiting from Ann's, have a great week!


Anonymous said...

That would definitely be a creepy feeling to be followed around! You said since you are a blonde you stick out-have you considered hair dye? (totally joking!) :)