Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Buying a New Camera

Ok... so as some of you might know, my camera is taking a long (most likely permanent) vacation in a lost and found storage room somewhere between Seattle, WA and Istanbul, Turkey. Since then I've been searching around for a new camera. Now, I like taking pictures and I do need one for some of my work here. I've saved up some money, but certainly not the thousands of dollars needed to buy a truly fantastically amazing more-than-I-could-ever-need sort of camera. I'm not interested in one of those anyway. But I've learned more and more about photography and I do want something beyond your most basic point and shoot. Did you know there are about 3million options out there online? How's a girl to know? I've read tons of reviews. There are pros and cons to every product. One person raves about a camera's awesomeness... another says it was the worst purchase EVER! Scary. And a purchase here isn't some short term trial. There's no send it back the next day sort of thing, someone has to carry it back halfway across the world in a suitcase.

The one I'm looking at right now is Canon SX30IS. Anyone know anything about it? I've read tons and it looks like it could be a good fit and would allow me to take images from a safe distance as I hate to feel the tourist in the place where I LIVE. Awkward.


Thainamu said...

I don't know anything about the specific model you mention, but I just wanted to give you my two cents about cameras in general.
1. find one that fits your lifestyle. For me, that means one that is very little so I can tuck in into my purse. Those expensive cameras are wonderful but if you leave it home because it is too big to carry, what good is it?
2. Check out how the recharging works and make sure that works for you.
3. Get a case that is easy to manage too.

OK, that was free advice. You get what you pay for. ;-)

thebeloved said...

Thanks so much... the case is something I haven't thought much about. This one has a battery that I love... same as my last camera so I already have a spare and a charger. My lifestyle... changes... I'm ready for something with more possibilities and you don't get that in a tiny camera.