Sunday, March 06, 2011


Knowing when it is the right time or topic to confront someone is a tricky thing. It doesn't matter what the issue is, big or small, but it stresses me as I walk and pray and walk and pray. It is something I would choose NEVER to do if I had my way. If people don't understand what I say and become defensive, I get nervous and even more unclear. It's all lost at that point. I should just walk away. My inner child (if I have one) crawls in under the stairs and weeps. It might be something else weeping down there. And this leads me to some of the reasons I am thankful...

67. I work with a team of people who are gracious and will forgive.

68. They say thank you even when I've been a jerk.

69. They teach me not to assume that everyone understands things the same way I do.

And in other things...

70. Electricity in the morning

71. Food in the house so that I can cook

72. Progress on the compost bin

73. Sunshine and warmer weather


Terri said...

I love your blessings list!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I soooooo appreciate your honesty!!! That, in itself, is a precious gift! Never lose that!

Kay K said...

I am a little late in getting to read some of the thankfulness shared ... thanks for sharing as it is great we can come together and share our thankfulness and our many blessings ...GOD is aweome