Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Questions & Answers

This question was posed by e-mom specifically, and I get asked it a lot generally.

Do I ever feel unsafe?

Only when I am driving. Actually, no. I have never really felt like someone was going to kill me or even that I was in a dangerous place. People stare and make me uncomfortable. There are men with AKs and M1s (translation: guns-for my less bloodthirsty readers) all over the place. The windows are barred, sometimes elegantly. We have thick concrete wall around our house. There are checkpoints all over the place. Occasionally car bombs go off in nearby cities. But I walk to buy bread or groceries. I do drive. I go to the bazaar (not by myself, but without a body guard). Life has a normal flow to it. I feel safe. I know that I am not in my own hands, or in Al Qaeda's (which has decided to make Christians a target). But I am in God's hands.

"Now if you told me I could die without God meaning it, then I would be worried."

(George MacDonald--The Marquis' Secret)


e-Mom said...

What a wonderful reply to my question. I'm so glad you feel safe, and there's a normal ebb and flow to your life. Your faith sustains you well. I love the quote you finished with: "Now if you told me I could die without God meaning it, then I would be worried." Wonderful! :~)

e-Mom said...

P.S. Thanks for the linky love!

thebeloved said...

emom: You are welcome. I am glad you like my answer. I know I am blessed.

Nick Jesch said...

A friend who, with his family, had been serving for years in Guatemala, Brasil, and such, was in the States visiting his Wife's parents. They raised the issue of safety.."how safe IS it in those wierd countries? which he instantly responded "it is no more dangerous than attending high school in the United States. No further comments, that was about two weeks after the massacres at columbine High in Colorado. Or, as another friend put it, responding to the same sorts of questions: "I am far safer in Managua (Nicaragua, during the Sandinista reign) in the centre of God's will than I would be commuting to a regular job on the freeways in California where I'd be otherwise.". Again, end of worrisome questions. Miss Beloved, you have it exactly right. The safest place to be is where GOD has me. Then the details are HIS problems, right?

thebeloved said...

nick jesch: Yes, right. And yet, those replies although they work on most people, seem to have no impact on my grandparents. But then again, I am still praying for them.