Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burger Fuel

      Last night I had a totally new experience for our city. It was a really good restaurant burger. See, a new chain, called Burger Fuel opened up from New Zealand. It's awesome! The beef tasted like actual beef (I guess it's all imported), not like sheep or something that has spent its whole life eating trash.  Hooray for Burger Fuel!

Image snagged from the Burger Fuel Website

I rarely go out to eat here, partly because cooking at home is cheaper, but mostly because of the food at restaurants out. It's usually not very healthy, not very good, and sometimes will even make you physically ill. But this place was in tip top form. Ok, so it's also not the healthiest food on the planet, but this chain is more careful than McDonalds about what it serves.
A very accurate advertisement from Burger Fuel!

The other really neat thing about our dining experience there was the service. Now, customer service is not a big thing here. Most waiters in restaurants sit around watching TV, smoking, and drinking tea. But these guys worked hard, literally ran to get the door when people entered or exited, and asked us if we wanted the heat turned up after we sat down. How cool is that?!

So, a group of us girls had a good night out and ate amazing food that we have missed while living here. Thanks to Burger Fuel for opening a new branch out here!

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