Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Puzzle Undone

Have you ever been both troubled by something and yet, completely untroubled? This is the way with me now. There is less turmoil, but instead a steady waiting, like leaving a puzzle undone on a table. At the moment I am content to let it sit there incomplete and scattered. It has not been put away in a box, nor do I spend hours poring over the pieces trying to make them fit. I know I cannot leave it there forever--I will have to put it together or put it away someday. But as it sits out I am reminded of it, and I pray about it. And there it remains.


-pauli said...

can you post some new pics on your flikr soon or send me some :D
i'm dying to see some of the kids!! i havent seen 1 pic of this year yet :( grrrrr!!! LOL
luv u girl

Everyday Anne said...

Wonderful description of what turmoil can often look like. I understand what you mean.
Thanks by the way for the emails, I have really enjoyed hearing how you are and what you've been up to. Keep pressing on :)

e-Mom said...

What a terrific metaphor... unanswered prayers, extended questions... like the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. PTL you feel content in the midst of your turmoil. Hugs, e-Mom

Nick Jesch said...

excellent illustration..times, we can make things worse by warting and fussing. Or totally ignoring. Yes, leave it on the table so every time you pass by you are reminded of it, perhaps beckoned to examine again, keeping it somewhere in your daily set of things to ponder. I find that, quite often, by leaving something to tend itself for a season, allowing it to turn over and over in my mind as I go about other things, I will see some new aspect of it, make some valuable association between things, and most times come up with a clear direction as the light of God's word is allowed to burn away the mist enshrouding the issue. Once the mist dissipates sufficiently, the whole scene is clearly seen, and the direction is clear.