Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Hemp Fest

Every spring there is as festival called Hemp Fest and I have gone to every year, being a native of this town. For some odd reason it makes me happy. I don't smoke marijuana and I don't buy tie-dye, but I feel giddy every time I go there. The beads and glass are pretty and the people are wierd. They all dress in all natural hemp, cotton and natural dyes. People wear lei's made of plastic marijuana leaves and talk about all the things that hemp was used for. There are two large busses that come every year. Pink Floyd and the double-decker purple one.


Nathan said...

If you're feeling giddy, maybe you're inhaling something second hand?


thebeloved said...

Ha ha! Who knows I guess. But I don't think so. A big part of it is just the foolishness of it all, the coming of spring, and remembering years past when I was young and would dance on the hay with the hippies.