Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Weapon of Prayer by Amy Carmichael

"Oh, Amma! Amma! Do not pray! Your prayers are, troubling me!" We all looked up in astonishment. We had just had our Band Prayer Meeting, when a woman came rushing into the room and began to exclaim like this. She was the mother of one of our girls, of whom I told you once before. She is still in the Terrible's den. Now the mother (A devout Hindu) was all excitement and poured out a curious story.

"When you went away last year I prayed. I prayed and prayed, and prayed again to my god to dispel your work. My daughter's heart was impressed with your words. I cried to my god to wash the words out. Has he washed them out? Oh no! And I prayed for a bridegroom for my daughter, and one came; and the cart was ready to take her away, and a hindrance occurred; the marriage fell through. And I wept till my eyes well-nigh dissolved. And again another bridegroom came, and again an obstacle occurred. And yet again did a bridegroom come, and yet again an obstacle; and I cannot get my daughter married, and the neighbors mock, and my Caste is disgraced" - and the poor old mother cried, just sobbed in her shame and confusion of face. "Then I went to my god again and said, 'What more can I offer you? Have I not given you all I have? And you reject my prayer!' Then in a dream my (demon) god appeared, and he said, 'Tell the Christians not to pray, I can do nothing against their prayers. Their prayers are hindering me!' And so, I beseech you, stop your prayers for fourteen days - only fourteen days - till I get my daughter married !" "And after she is married?" We asked. "Oh, then she may freely follow your God! I will hinder her no more!" Poor old mother! All lies are allowed where such things are concerned. We knew the proposed bridegroom came from a place three hundred miles away, and the idea was to carry the poor girl off by force as soon as she was married. We have been praying night and day to God to hinder this. And He is hindering!

Reference used - "Things As They Are" by Amy Carmichael


mreddie said...

Great story of God's power! ec

Merle said...

Hi Colleen ~~ A very interesting story.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Glad you enjoyed the cow stories and jokes. Have a very Happy Easter.
Cheers, Merle.

Godzheart said...

Dear Colleen,

What an amazing post. These are things I(an Indian)sort of forgot about when i came to US.Your post has reminded me again of the awesome power of a Living God at work in our lives.
Our God truly does these amazing things with all His children in India, all the time.

Very Nice Post.
God Bless you

Nathan said...

In the (facetious) words of an elder at my church:

"If I weren't a Presbyterian, I'd believe that story"

Seriously though, very cool. G-d is amazing.

Zwerver said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. If you really live in Idaho I am a bit jealous; have wanted to see Craters of the Moon for some time now.

As for your comment about my beliefs being such a big part of my life -- it's like I can't even help it. Sometimes I even want a break but there is God and here am I, and that's about all i can say so I keep going.

thebeloved said...

mreddie--Isn't He great!
merle--Happy Easter to you too!
godzheart--Encounters with His power are the most impactful events in life, I think.
nathan--ok... Yeah.
zwerver--I actually do live in Idaho (at the moment) but I live up north so I haven't ever seen Craters of the Moon. The question is "Why drive six hours to go see a desert?" But I know what you mean about not being able to help it.:)

Nunzia said...


God bless and Happy Easter!

Godzheart said...

Just came back to Wish you a Very Happy Easter