Monday, May 14, 2012

Tulip Thankfulness

I've much to be thankful for. I haven't been very good at writing it all down lately... 
God is good.
694. Pauli's here
695. Feeling grief
696. Dirty feet
697. Never being suspected
698. Team phone call
699. Being done with my speech
700. A good chat with Molly
701. Only one social engagement today
702. Fear Not... for I am with you
703. Flowers delivered from Lizzy
704. Doggy snores

705. Lizzy-isms
706. Moments of quiet
707. Mom's foot and back rubs
708. Playing games (like Settlers of Catan)
709. Finding new favorite clothes
710. A nice pedicure that still lasts!
711. Jeeves and Wooster
712. Jesus Calling gift from a friend

713. My mother's tulips 

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