Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thankful List Backlog

634. Funny spellings and English on the headstone
635. A beautiful view
636. The circle road and how you never will be impossibly lost in this city
637. BreathSavers peppermints however old
638. Being compared to a terrorist organization
639. the one lone flower left
640. The K fam squished into one triangle of the rotating dorway
641. All the luggage making it through
642. Being upgraded to business class and it being awesome
643. My salty gift: more tears
644. My sweet gift: Jason Gray's song "How I Ended Up Here"
645. My gift just right:  an awesome back massage
646. D having my back
647. Refining fire
648. Praying together
649. Communion
650. My years here at the school
651. Students who love me and want me to be their teacher
652. Precocious 5th graders
653. Kids who come to school anyway
654. The reflection room
655. A meeting with Y
656. That Y doesn't have it out for me
657. The thunderstorm, lightning, hail, and drenching rain
658. Wrapped sea glass necklace
659. Communal battery licking
660. Faithlynn's teary performance
661. He will complete that which he has begun  (He doesn't give up!)
662. He gives comfort
663. H's tears of love for me
664. Y making some sense when he talks
665. Pepperoni
666. Pizzas
667. Tear drops of concern and care
668. My new enjoyment  of eggs
669. Pasta with parmesan cheese
670. Whiteboards in my classrooms
671. A dear friend who fasts and prays for me
672. A power outage that brings quiet from construction noise so I can take a nap
673. Hannah here for a visit
674. Student comments that could get me in t
675. The love and care of my team for me
676. The tulips spreading wide in the heat of the afternoon
677. The hyacinths' blooming smell
678. Great quotes from great writers
679. Katie's news! Yay!
680. Being an idiot again
681.Teaching girls to become women of character
682. Green mountains
683. My car didn't blow up today
684. Getting fresh clothes for tomorrow.
685. I know faithful teens
686. Bone-weary days
687. Being counted worthy
688. A rose in a glass
689. A momentary panic  seeing a man with an earpiece--but able to recover
690. Bacon
691. Full breakfast with no puking
692. Chatting with Molly
693. Super fast internet

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