Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The First Fruits

This is the first fruit from our kumquat tree. It was really really good! You know the funny thing about the word "kumquat" is that although I knew it was a fruit and if you had asked me what it was I might have thought I knew... but when I saw these for the first time, I had no clue what they were. Although I have grown up having learned the word "kumquat" and even knew how it was spelled, I had never known what it really was. Now I know... they are a small citrusy flavored fruit with very large seeds in the middle.


e-Mom said...

Citrus smells a lot better than "pungent!" I've never seen a kumquat before. Cool!

(I wonder if your bad odor had to do with a dead rodent in a vent in your house--or elsewhere. Or perhaps something one of the kittens dragged in?) Blessings!

Nick Jesch said...

There is a HUGE bush of these things growing in the corner by the driveway in my front yard. I've never gotten around to making any jam or whatever from them..though I've had it and it IS delicious. Mostly the bush provides great entertainment when it is in bloom and the hummingbirds gather round to feast. As to that smell...I've been scratching my head on it, too. If it were here in the Northwest, I'd posit a skunk..but since you've spent time in Idaho I've little doubt you'd recognise THAT stench. Nor would it depart in a lingers nearly a week. Did you bring in any of the locals to have them sniff it out? There are some strange things in some parts of the world..I've heard of some flowers in Africa that smell really badly...perhaps a local could have identified it from experience. Main thing is it seems to be gone....we hope. Life in other parts of the world can be quite interesting at times, eh? What an adventure for you all.

thebeloved said...

e-mom: Thanks for coming by! No, it certainly isn't a dead animal smell, and we traced it to the false ceiling. You can't get in there unless you go through the ceiling tiles. Very very odd.

nick jesch: Yes, I would recognize skunk smell! And yes, we had a local in there helping us. He has been as bemused as the rest of us. It doesn't seem to be common here.