Sunday, May 21, 2006


“The only difference—that I see—
is that you are exactly the same—as you used to be.”

Graduations tend to make one reminiscent. I have been to five graduations this May, my own being one. The others belonged to the seniors at the high school that I taught at, a home-schooled friend, a local Christian college, and my younger sister L. Each one was different in it’s own way. Some were incredibly touching; mine was impersonal and boring. I loved seeing my sister graduate, but my home-schooled friend’s graduation was the most beautiful. There were two girls and both their father’s gave speeches and became all misty eyed. It was adorable. The other college graduation I witnessed was fun because one of the men I most respect for his life work was being honored.

Back on the issue of being reminiscent, however. I saw some of my old high school graduating classmates this weekend at my sister’s graduation. It was strange seeing them. Some I have continued to grow with here in college, but the ones who I haven’t seen for a while are kind of hard to be around. I am such a changed person and I suspect that they have changed also. But it is almost as if I become the same person I used to be when I am around them. I don’t know how to address them from the perspective of my newer self. Others I have seen grow and change, have also reverted into their older selves when around old friends. The question then becomes, did I become that person due to the people around me or is it just more comfortable, like the habits fitting into the old mold?

And as I sit here thinking about these things, it comes to mind that I haven’t heard this CD of the Wallflowers in years. It was a class favorite the year I was a senior in high school.


audrey` said...

Hi Colleen
I love your display pic very much :)
Please take care.
Wishing you all the very best.
God bless you.

Jen said...

Speaking of those golden oldies that were popular way back when we graduated high school, when's the last time you heard the Sweater Song and did it make you nostalgic? Or Hotel California? Another that brings both fond and deranged memories is from our freshman year when We Were Only Freshmen...

thebeloved said...

jen--yes, I have heard the sweater song and it made me happy for no reason at all and Hotel California makes me nostalgic.