Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Plantly Poem... perhaps?

This poem is entertaining although not really indicative of my own feelings and passions. I wrote it in perhaps a very violent mood.

A Plantly Poem

There are many plants in the world
Some beautiful, others plain or ugly
Some tease the sun and wind
Some display fantastic colors
Other flowers wink at the bees
Calling sweetly for those honey lips
And their pretty faces upturned
A perfect target for the buzzing flirts
But I am not of that kind
I am not the giggling miniskirted lilly
Nor am I the ditzy daisy
I am the Venus Fly-trap
And if those flirts dare near me
I will eat them and have no regrets.


Ash said...

buzzing flirts. the annoying buzz, their gauche colors, their awful sting. i love it. awesome pome, colleeni

audrey` said...

Hi Colleen
You're so gifted :)