Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yet Another Day

The weather here in the Northwest has been absolutely fantabulous. We have had warm sunny mornings and the air is fresh and clean smelling. There is something almost intoxicating about melted snow running down in rivers in the sunshine. There is the smell of little children playing in the mud. There is the way all the ground seems alive and growing...almost. The promise of spring is suspended all around. Yes, I know this is premature for up here. It is merely a foretaste of things to come. We will probably even get another snow. But it is delightful and exhilarating while it lasts.

Sometimes I get these glimpses of other things to come as well. Glimpses of the joys of heaven where all who have called on God sing together in a harmony of tongues and colors. That too is something to look forward to.

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mreddie said...

Yes, I do love the glimpses and even promises of things to come - with the weather and the return of Christ. You started me wondering about what the language of heaven will be like since we would all understand each other. ec