Friday, February 10, 2006

Stolen from the blog of the beautiful Ashleigh

It permeates to the shallowest of us. The Sorority Girl submits herself to the Frat Boys, to be ranked and valued based on income, loudness, alchohol tolerance, breast size and bone structure. She worships sex and money. Sex + Money = Cool. She sees herself as being above the vassals of academia, the serfs of hobbies, and above all, those who don't dress well.

The Computer Science Major subits himself to the awesome authority of Knowledge. Oh, he doesn't know C ++ ? Cretan scum. The CS Major is above those who only know HTML or how to screw in a lightbulb, and below Bill Gates.

The average Adult is more interesting. He enrolls himself in the service of an abstract virtue, like Diligence (which often translates to Greed), Kindness (which can be good and altruistic, but often dissolves into self-help advice for people who don't want it) or Love (Lust.)He puts above himself the people he knows who have accomplished more for said virtue than he has, and is usually benevolent to those who seek the same path as he does. For those who chase a different virtue, he ranks as undeniably lower. "Sure, he's a good person, but he doesn't understand the importance of Environmentalism" . He gives them the freedom of their own sub-taxonomy, but also bestows upon them a libelous label, like "Republican."

I asked Grant what his hierarchy was, according to our new Movement. He said he's below Love (he means it like Charitos) and Emotion. He doesn't see anyone as below him, just as in entirely different, separate hierarchies that he doesn't have to bother with. I noticed that he placed himself at the bottom of his own heirarchy, and called him a Russian Peasant.Grant threw the question back at me, and I am a slave to Christ, to His Charitos, and to Knowing People. The ones I outrank are the ones who refuse to enjoy themselves. The ones who write techno but don't dance to it, who fix cars but don't take road trips, the ones who camp in the desert and whine about sunburn instead of smelling the sage. I want to stuff rose petals in their mouths, rain meteors on them, do ANYTHING to show them how much beauty Christ has spent on us. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL that He gave us a shimmering sunset, even though most of the people in this town were too busy to notice, and though lots of of the people who did notice don't even know it's from Him? Isn't it Beautiful, just devastatingly BEAUTIFUL that He died for us, whether we like it or not?

I had never realized before how integral Love is to Beauty and Playfulness.


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