Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh God! I am waiting
Waiting for the words, the plan!
You brought her to me
Why me? My talent so untried.
My heart aches with love.
She doesn't know love
Any love, Your love.
How can I help her?
What can I say?
How do I love a hard heart?
But as You brought water
Fromt he rock in the desert
So have you brought tears
From her face of stone.
She is Your's, not mine.
I leave her to You
Perhaps the soil's softer for the tears
How shall it be fertile?
Plant Your seed in her heart
For mine is full of anguish
I look at her wan face
I see how much she needs
Only you can satisfy
Mix her tears with living water.
Drench the desert of her soul.
Plow the ground, break the surface
The layers of brick she has become
Pierce her with Your Light.
Warm her with Your Love.
And make her grow.
And have her bloom.
Can this be the plan?

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Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

You truly have an evangelist's heart. Happy Valentine's Day!!