Monday, September 19, 2011

Random Ramble (a peek inside my brain)

Living in constant awe of God is the only way to avoid sin. By walking with God I see his glory and am in awe of it. When in awe there is a feeling, a knowledge of God’s supremacy and of my own smallness. If I am insignificant and God is great, what are my desires? And how can I follow anything but God’s will? And if I am in awe of God and walking with him I am filled by him and lack nothing. I will not need to run to any earthly pleasure to fill myself.

So often I numb myself. The emotion is too great and I would rather be a straight level-headed person rather than an expressive feeling one. But by numbing myself to what is around me, I also numb myself to God. How foolish.

Enough of that... time to awe.

401. Being tired
402. Music History Studies
403. Leisure
404. Concrete Blocks on my roof
405. Dinner with friends
406. Sharing the past
407. Sherlock Holmes BBC--hysterical!
408. Morning Chickens
409. Hose water and dust foot-prints
410. Overflowing water tanks!
411. How can I find God? Questions.
412. Kids who read.
413. Sleeping through the night
414. My beautiful rooster

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