Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Do you ever?

Have moments of knee bruising awe?
Have your mind blown by what God is doing?
Think you might have been dreaming too small?
Wish you had a tape recorder for life and play some moments over and over?
Yearn for specific people deep in your heart?
Feel privileged to have the love of your family?
Find yourself so completely overwhelmed that it physically hurts?

This week I am so thankful.

372. Sunbreaks and beautiful clouds on the ride to my hotel
373. "Comfort Seats" in Amsterdam airport
374. Gloria Jeans Coffee and Starbucks
375. Being allowed to check in early!
376. Seagull cries
377. Molly's notes on the wall
378. Air conditioning on in my house when I came in
379. The power going out 2 minutes after I arrive home
380. Dinner with friends
381. Cleaning out the freezer that has been off for 2 weeks full of food
382. White Tea and Green Pear scented candles
383. Not losing things
384. Tiffany asking for a hair band as I say goodbye
385. Beiong called Uncle Colleen by Tyler
386. The quiet of no power
387. Coffee (I'm sure this has been on my list before! But today I'm thankful for it all over again!)


My Artful Heart said...

Visiting from Ann's. 382...I actually have a similar scented candle ;)

Have a great week,

Israa said...

I love your posts :))