Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If my student were leader in Iraq.

I decided to let one of my students write my blog post for today.

If I was the leader of Iraq I would had gave the people electricity and I will give enough patrol for the people. I will help the poor & sick. I will help my neighbors and free them of dictators. But their are things I want to do for my self. I want to have Hummer, a Dodge Viper, Ferrari and a Limozine that have everything in it. I want to have house that is 10 stories and 100 rooms and I will put a new code of laws that includes the laws that say there is no different between me and a peasant.


Emily said...

i am not sure i understand this. but i love it for some reason.

mreddie said...

Your student said it well - especially the first part. ec

thebeloved said...

He is a sixth grader and English is not his first language. There seems to be some confusion over what is really important, but at least he was honest.