Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Difference

There is a difference when you see news about a place that has become your home... Saddam is dead. That itself is not what is strange to me.... but I am so curious, I want to know what my friends think... what they are going through. I want to talk to my students. I am not sad that he is dead, but I am sad about the destructive hatred that lives and breeds in the hearts because of Saddam and against Saddam. I found a quote from a newspaper that summed up the attitude I have seen so many times from people there.

"It's like God asking you to choose between Heaven and Hell," said Thamer al-Musawi, 47, a slim, salt-and-pepper-haired barber in Baghdad's Karrada neighborhood, speaking before the execution. "If Saddam gets executed, you go to Hell. If he doesn't, you go to Heaven. I will choose Hell just so Saddam is executed."

How terrible it must be, to be so consumed by hate that you forget the value of heaven. But I suppose it also depends on if you believe in heaven at all.


Ibid said...

I never told you thanks for the bracelet. I love it. It's funky and makes tiny metallic noises on my wrist.

bonita said...

I hope you are safe...this hatred in the world is just about ready to consume everyone. We must change darkness into light, day by day. I hope you keep writing.