Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back at Home?

The word "home" has so many connotations of love, life, warmth, and belonging. I am now "home" in the sense of the word that I am in the States with my family in the house that I grew up in since I was 14. I am happy, secure, and Christmas is upon us.

I got a Christmas card from the family that I live with in the Middle East. It said that they couldn't wait until I "came back home" in January.

It was then that it struck me that I have begun making my home somewhere else and somewhere else for real. I have two homes. As much as this will terrify my mother as she reads it, it seems like a grand sort of accomplishment for someone who never having created "home" as somewhere other than her parents home. It is a step showing what I feel that I have begun to experience and operate in, this state called adulthood.


Anonymous said...

I miss you, too. Merry Christmas, dear friend.
Love, T

mreddie said...

That was a long trip, glad you are safe. ec