Monday, December 26, 2005

Today, the day after Christmas.

Giant orange-pink clouds are soaring across the purple-grey sky. It is the kind of soaring that makes your heart swell and rise. The magnificence is breath-taking in the truest way making you gasp and then forget to breath. It is the day after Christmas. The world is filled with the seasonal gaudiness that we all know and love here in the United States. And yet, the display of God is so much beyond anything that we could pretend to set up. If we celebrate Jesus’ birth with these decorations, and God celebrates each day with the beauty he portrays around us, what must his celebration of His son’s birth have been? What must His celebration of the homecoming of all his adopted children be like? If he gives us this for the closing of a day, the rest is grander than my feeble imagination can handle.


mreddie said...

I am awed by sunrises and particularly by sunsets and the colorations you mentioned. It is as if I am being filled to the brim with the breathtaking beauty that is God's creation. ec

thebeloved said...

Yes! Wonderful!

ann said...

your description of His glory is breathtaking and beautiful. i've felt that "oh!" and have forgotten to breathe at His splendor.

thank you for bringing that back to me.