Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Chance Meeting

What do you see?
I see people.
What do they look like?
That is a good question.
Huh? Okay.
They look normal to most people.
But to you?
I see what they truly are.
What are they?
It depends on the person.
What about that person over there? The one with the T-shirt and jeans, he looks normal.
You see the clothes don’t you?
Well, yeah… he is wearing them.
I see his heart.
Oh. What do you see?
I see a man struggling to be good in a corrupt world and failing.
Oh. And what will that turn into?
It is only a downward spiral from there.
Downward? To where?
To Hell.
But isn’t he trying to be good?
He isn’t succeeding.
But isn’t trying enough. I mean, he hasn’t murdered anyone.
But he has hated, and has therefore committed murder in his heart.
But that isn’t fair, everyone has hated someone.
Yes, and everyone is condemned, that makes thing fair.
So you are saying that even good people aren’t good enough?
Where do you draw the line, murder, theft, lust?
I don’t know. So what is the line?
God is perfect.
But I can’t be perfect. I already lost that chance! Now what?
Now you live miserably, die, and go to Hell.
But it isn’t fair! Isn’t there any way out?
Does the way out have to be fair?
Well, I don’t know…
Is it fair for a perfect man to die in the place of a sinful one?
No. Not really.
What if I told you there was someone who loved you and had already taken your place?
I don’t think I would believe you, even my family hates me.
What if I told you it was me?
What! I don’t even know you!
No, you don’t. But you can if you want to. And I know you.
Not well enough! I am not a good person.
I know.
So, what do you want? What do I have to give in return?
Do you honestly think you have anything worth giving?
You mean, I don’t have to change? Do good works or stuff?
Being good isn’t enough, remember?
Well, yeah. But what do I have to do, like pray, sacrifices, all that stuff?
To obey is better than sacrifice.
Okay, what rules do I have to obey?
There are no rules. You would be free.
So I can do whatever I want and it won’t matter?
God changes you.
So, I don’t have to work for this?
Nope. Obedience is easy.
Wait a second! So I do have to obey! I knew there was a catch!
If you truly love someone, do you have to struggle to do what you know will please them?
Uh.. no, not really.
If you truly believe a tragedy will happen, do you struggle to decide to prepare for it?
Well, no.
So if you believe me and love me then the change is only proof of that.
So what do I do?
Seek God.
Thanks…that helps.
If you knock, the door will be opened.
Can you give me a clue about the door to knock on?
Start with the Word of God.
Okay. Are you just going to leave me to myself now to figure this out?
You can talk to me whenever you want.
So wait, you are God?


mreddie said...

I really liked this dialogue, especially the way you ended it. :) So wait, you are God? Yes. Oh. ec

thebeloved said...

Smile... that just sort of ended up there...