Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Poem of Mine

And the love is lavished
Not lightly flowing
Deeply spreading
For I am His Child
Alone in the Void
An alien stranger
Unknown and un-understood
Inexplicable Love
For this is Love
True Love and Real
Solid and Strong
For I am His Child
Undeserving and Weak
Poor and Flawed
Wretched, Wrong and Ill
Yet loved...
Amazing and Beautiful
How great is the Love
Overflowing and Glorious
An abundant River
Drenching Dripping
Flooding and Filling
Fresh and Clean
Washing me White
Whiter than Snow
For I am His Child
Foolish Fearful
Far off in my own Mind
Forgetful and Ugly
But made New
Alive and Lovely
Because I am Loved
Made Beautiful
For a purpose Pure
Refined by Fire
Blazing Burning
Burnished Gold
Polished and Shining
Gleaming with Joy
Reflecting His Face
For I am His Child
Hated by the world
Disliked for my position
Rejected Refused
Trash under their feet
Trampled and Torn
But not Crushed
Beaten not Destroyed
For I am His Child
Protected and Prized
Valued and Guarded
Cherished Blessed
Cared for and Comforted
Uncondemned and Understood
Wrapped in His arms
Peaceful in His Presence
For I am His Child
Made for Love to Love
Sent to Love
Just as He was sent
To BE Love for me
For I am His Child
Born of Him
Confident and Awed
Believing Growing Strong
Fed on Love
From the Faithful One
Fantastical and Great
Miraculous Majestic
Marvelous Lovely
And loving me...
For I am His Child.


mreddie said...

After a blessed but hectic day your poem was just what I needed, thanks. ec

thebeloved said...

I thank God for the joy of being a blessing to anyone.