Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yearbook Awkwardness

We finished the yearbook. Have you ever known 2 people to take on a project like that? It was ridiculous. I'll never do it again. Katie should never do it again. I saw the other side of midnight several times.

Now we laugh hysterically over nonsense. We're all sleep deprived. Kirsten is throwing popcorn at Molly. And we discuss European culture and breaking the awkward social barriers.


Kirsten said...

Sadly, I was not sleep-deprived when I was throwing popcorn. I was just throwing popcorn because.

Also, I'm so grateful that you did the yearbook. It is amazing!!!!! You two are amazing. :)

M said...

Agree Katie and C are amazing. Haven't looked at this blog for a while...each time I find myself either smiling, or thinking or both

Anonymous said...

Now, go sleep for a few days straight. I'm sure that's possible, right? :)

Home stretch!

Matt Jones said...

Hummm.... that anonymous was from me. Not sure why my name didn't get in!