Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Stolen from the blog of Sylvancreature

Is there somewhere
a little lonesome cabin
lost among the forests
on a wild, deserted shore;

an empty little cabin:
rough hewn, worn, and solid
with a dandy drawing chimney,
books, and windows--nothing more?

I'm tired of noise and traffic,
people pushing, phones and letters,
dates and deadlines, styles and headlines,
pride and pretense, nothing more;

and I'm needing such a cabin,
near God's masterpiece of mountains--
such a lost and lonesome cabin
where a tired soul can adore.

~ Ruth Bell Graham


Bobbinoggin said...

very pretty.

M's muses/nmissive said...

On 5th April I am flying to New Zealand for 10days. After visiting friends in Christchurch I will head across to a place called Wanake...a place of snow capped mountains and lakes....Oh...I am sooo looking forward to it...

Yada said...

Ahh I'm suddenly in Tolkien world anytime the beauty of simple lifestyle is mentioned !