Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm having thoughts! It's so refreshing to have some time off and to be able to use some of that time to rediscover that I have a brain that does more than compute the problems right in front of me. Instead of fixing what's broken, there is something in me that wants to create what is beautiful. This has been an insane desire in me for as long as I can remember. It gets crowded out by the imminent and the urgent, but every now and then it is rebirthed and I am filled with the hope that I could write, draw, sculpt, sing, or create something beautiful. It doesn't have to be me by myself. The desire is somewhat fulfilled by planting hyacinth bulbs in pots by the window where God certainly does the work of it. Speaking of which, I need to go buy more dirt... Or wait, maybe I should pull out my paper and make cards... or what about my sewing? And it's been years since I wrote any poetry. Hmm... now for the choice.

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Bobbinoggin said...

hurray for having time to refill the well with that creative spirit God gave you.