Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Do... This Week

  • Add to red dress for brother's wedding
  • Visit with friends
  • Make frame on oval table for mosaic
  • Find glue for mosaic
  • Download more audio books
  • Cook orange chicken
  • Trying to get Advair prescription renewed without a doctor visit (DONE!)
  • Buy medications (DONE!)
  • Pack to spend a week with Katie!!!!
  • Find something interesting to write a blog post on...
  • Train dog to be ok with toe nail clippers (just going for ok...)
  • Take sister's car to get an oil change
  • Buy oranges for the orange chicken (I should have put this up higher in the list...huh...)
  • I think I need ginger too...
  • I need to write something... dunno what... but I've got a writey bug...
  • I'm sure there is more, but I'm tired and need to go now.
  • TTFN!

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