Thursday, July 09, 2009


Recently in Kurdistan there has been a new list or party called Goran, which means change. The slogans sound something reminiscent of Obama and his call for change. Whether or not change is a good thing, I can't generally say. But one of the most interesting things for me as I return home is seeing how things have changed. There are big changes and small ones.

The big ones are things like my brother getting married and my family's new dog. The smaller changes are more interesting to me though. My mother changed where she keeps the baking powder and baking soda. It took me 5 minutes to discover the new location. The compost bowl is on the other side of the sink than it used to be. And the glasses are now nearly all stemware like the kind you find for water in nice restaurants.

These are only a fraction of the myriad changes in a home after six months. It isn't much to adjust to, but at least these things are things that have really changed. More things feel odd but really are very normal for here. More on those later.

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