Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Summer Whirlwind

I booked my tickets to Nashville today. I have a month before I'll be flying back half-way around the world and it all seems so fast already. My summer has been a busy rush of projects and trips. I just got back from my grandparent's cabin up at Loon Lake, a lovely place with sun and sand and water. Now I'm starting to feel more of the dullness that comes with changing cultures. I wonder what to do with myself and I fight apathy. Despite my need to practice the piano , I loathe the embarrassement of how rusty I've become after a week away from the instrument. I need to pack up my things (there's going to be a girl living here this next year) and that means going through all my papers, journals, and keepsakes. After all, I don't want to box up stuff that I'm just going to throw away next time I have to open the box.

Other than that... meditating on holiness. I figured out that that was a word that I didn't really know what it meant. After hearing it my whole life thrown around in the Christian community, it had become just another word. And if I'm supposed to be holy--I had better have a really good idea of what that is. I mean, I know some of what it is, but it is a bigger and more spacious concept than it's dictionary definition. I've been reading through a book by Andrew Murray called "Holiness" and would recommend it although I'm not sure I understand it all yet. Maybe more on this later as I discover and understand more.

Anyway, there it is...

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Ibid said...

whenever I think of holiness, I think of how people always had to take their shoes off on holy ground in the old testament. I'm not sure if this ritual really meant something or if it was just supposed to give you pause. Certainly, your shoes are dirty.

Talking of which, could you tell me more about the streets of northern Iraq?