Friday, August 08, 2008

The Streets of Iraq...

So my friend Ibid asks about the streets of Iraq in my last posting. The lead in for the request was dirt. Hmm... Well the streets are paved where I live because it is a city. There are a few gravel roads and plenty of roads under construction as well... but I haven't run into any dirt roads.

That said, there is plenty of dirt on the roads. The whole air is full of dust and it rains mud in the spring so there is always plenty of dirt on the roads. In addition there is also plenty of trash on the streets. That has been reduced somewhat over the past year by the importation of Bangladeshi workers to clean the streets, but really it is nearly impossible to keep up with the amount of trash that people throw out the windows.

Now I'm not sure if this is what you asked for Ibid... in fact, I'm thinking it isn't. But there you go... the streets of northern Iraq.

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Ibid said...

Haha! Actually, that wasn't what I meant... I was referring to the question I had asked about your version of Monopoly using your streets in Iraq. But this might be relevant too. Did you get my last e-mail?