Friday, July 04, 2008

The Yearly Planner

I really needed a planner. So, I went to Walmart (yikes!) and bought one. There is something wierd about looking at a year from now. I have a really hard time thinking about next June. What will I be doing next June? I haven't the foggiest idea. I used to be able to plan for years in advance... high school-4 years, then college-4 years, then what? Life is no longer sectioned out in large chunks. It is in smaller pieces of months, semesters, a year. Beyond that, I have no vision. I can think of what I will do for one year, but I have no solid idea of where God could take me after that. I could be in the same place. I could be somewhere else. Why does this seem so strange to me?

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Autumn said...

Ms. Colleen,
Well, I guess that since you are very aware of how much God controls your life, it seems strange to you to try and plan it out yourself. I usually don't use planners, 'cause I find them mostly useless. My schedule isn't very busy. It's even boring at times. I just plan things by one month at a time... usually. And even then, it's only on the calender in my bedroom, or on the one in the pantry.