Wednesday, July 02, 2008


There are lots of kinds of knots out there. I wish sometimes that little girls had interests in things like knots like little boys have. Being a little girl myself, I never was interested in them myself. I untied plenty, growing up. Necklaces would get wound up in a jewelry box or the yarn would become a snarl in the sewing box. I remember trying to get loose some fishing line once. I don't think I ever managed to get it. In history class in 9th grade I learned about how Alexander the Great "untied" the famous knot at Gordium. I wonder if part of our modern society has come out of that tradition: that of cutting through something and doing it the quick way instead of the slow and tedious way. Have we lost the ability to sort out a problem so that everyone comes out whole and intact? Or must we take the way that gets us to the end most quickly but leaves some people torn to pieces?

My stomach is creating it's own knots today which have left me quite miserable. Neither cutting nor untying will do any good. It must merely run its own course.

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